About Us & Our Work

Experience You Can Count On

Evan Jones -- principal consultant with Progressiventures, LLC -- has a broad 30-year background in adult learning/training development, curriculum design, learner management, strategic outreach and K-12 education leadership. He has proven expertise in: 

  • Enterprise Learning System Design & Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Rapid Training Deployment
  • Learner Management and LMS Administration, 
  • Classroom and Virtual Teaching & Training, 
  • T3 curricula and tool development, 
  • Learning-Driven Outreach & Issues Management Programs 

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Inspired Learning: Our Approach

Let’s design and deploy learning tools based on the best research available.

Let’s look for customization opportunities in each facet of your learning program

Let’s seek instructional tools & pedagogy that can be adapted at the grassroots

Let’s stop “click through learning” and instead build an inspired "knowledge-acquisition ecosystem" throughout your enterprise.

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